Palm Frond Weaving with the Wodde Jippel Group


Instructor: Wodde Jippel Group
Schedule: Saturdays, February 20, March 20, April 17, and May 22 from 10 AM - 1PM
# of Sessions: 1 session per class (4 sessions total)
Location: Fibers Studio
Level/Prerequisite: Beginner through Advanced, 16+
Tuition/Admission: $15 per session

Class Description: For the Marshallese people, the coconut tree (ni) is a staple of sustainability for life in the islands. The coconut is used for food, oil, shelter, baskets, traditional medicine, cooking and decoration. Join the Wodde Jippel Group and learn about their culture and traditional Marshallese palm frond weaving. These classes are designed to be dropped in, however they are also scaffolded to start from simple to more complex. It is recommended that you take all four sessions if you have never woven before. In these sessions below you will learn to weave:

This program is supported by the Kukio Community Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation and Mary Therese Perez Hattori. We are grateful to be able to offer tuition at a subsidized rate during these uncertain times.

Wodde Jippel Club of Kona was founded in February of 2020 to help empower Marshallese women and their community by helping them navigate their daily lives in a new environment; providing support and assistance in accessing health care, education, food sustainability, community, and to help share the legacy of their culture.