Class Registration

Line & Texture: Copper Etching Workshop
Waiver Statement:

Registration Policy: I have reviewed and read DMAC registration policies and understand the potential consequences thereof, and agree to such terms. 

Liability waiver: 

  • I assume the risk of harm or injury which may occur from my and/or the registered student’s use of DMAC facilities or as a result of the above named activity. 
  • I hereby, on behalf of myself, the registered student, and anyone claiming on behalf of either me or the registered student, release DMAC, their employees, instructors, directors and agents from any liability for losses, expenses, and/or other costs arising from physical injury to me, my or the registered student, and/or from damage to my or the registered student’s personal belongings, in connection with my or the registered student’s participation in the registered activity. 
  • I further acknowledge that no one has made any representations or warranties concerning the safety of DMAC’s facilities for any purpose. 

Photography/Video Release: 

  • I expressly allow, and hereby waive any objection to DMAC photographing and/or videotaping of me and/or my minor children when I and/or my minor children are participating in DMAC programs;
  • I hereby consent to, and authorize the use of any and all photographs, video, and audio recordings, images, descriptions, and/or other likenesses of a similar nature (collectively, “depictions”) that may be made of me and/or the registered student in connection with the registered activity for reproduction, and/or publication for the promotion of DMAC’s programs. 
  • I acknowledge that neither I, the registered student, nor anyone claiming on behalf of me or the registered student is entitled to compensation for any such promotional use of such depictions. 
  • DMAC will take all necessary precautions to keep names and ages of participants confidential unless otherwise requested. 
  • I hereby release and discharge DMAC from any and all claims and demands arising from, or in connection with, the use of such depictions, including, but not limited to, any and all claims for libel defamation, or similar claims.

Emergency Consent: 

  • I give consent to DMAC staff or representatives to refer myself or the registered student, if injured or ill, to the listed emergency contact or to a medical care provider of their choosing if necessary.
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